Tea Packaging


AMBO's first line of business was "International Trade of Indian Tea". It has made an outstanding growth since then its inception, AMBO has been ranked amongst the Top 5 Tea Exporters from India and has received several awards for excellence in exports of Indian Tea from Govt. of India and other Government agencies.

AMBO handles its tea operations and exports from Eastern & North Eastern India (Kolkata, Siliguri & Guwahati) and South India (Coimbatore).

Its facilities includes: Tea Tasting, Tea Purchase (Private or Auction), Tea Blending, Tea Cleaning, Tea Packaging in Bulk or Consumer packs and Containerisation.


Over the years AMBO has exported large volume of Tea in Bulk as well as consumer packs in private lables to various countries.


Bulk tea is exported in different form of packaging, out of which the most popular ones are:

  • Aluminum Lines Craft Paper Sacks
  • Aluminum foil and tissue paper lines plywood sheets
  • Jute bag with poly lines inside
  • HMHDPE Woven sacks
  • Corrugated Fiber box with poly jacket insid


Consumer packaging can be classified as:

  • Disposable Packs
  • Tea bags
  • Gift Packs

AMBO is recognized as one of the most dependable and trusted suppliers of Tea from this part of the world. We can say, in all modesty that there are very few tea companies in India that can compete with us in terms of quality. And this is one of the secrets of our success story.